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Juicebox Floatie Swim Vests

Juicebox Floatie Swim Vests

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  • Black & Bone
  • Sage
  • Bubblegum & Sunblock

Juicebox floatie swim vests are here to help your kids feel cool, comfortable and confident in the water while they are building their swimming abilities and technique. Made in our custom Juicebox prints so you can enjoy the water safely and in style. Available in limited quantities. 

Juicebox is a family owned business from Southern California. We create swim essentials in a color that you will enjoy. 

"Aesthetic Swim Products"

- For toddlers and kids 25-50 LBS

- Feel comfortable & cool

- Keeps head out of water 

- Easy for movement 

- Double safety buckle

- Enjoy the water safely!

- 100 % Polyester

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Warning label: This product is NOT a coast guard certified personal flotation device. Children must be under adult supervision at all times while wearing this product as it is NOT a lifesaving device. Our floaties are not a replacement for swim lessons and do not teach your child proper swim techniques.

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